The Gendered Project

What does our language say about us? If you examined the English language and saw the over 200 terms used to derogatorily describe a sexually active woman, you would think well, women aren’t supposed to have sex that much. You would also think, because there is no female equivalent for a “sissy” that fear is not an emotion regarded positively for men.

I believe that exploring gendered language is important for revealing, understanding and challenging sexism and patriarchy. Those explorations include asking:

  • Which words or named phenomenons are specific to a gender?
  • What words to describe a gender exist in surplus or in scarcity?
  • What gendered experiences are we get to create names for?
  • What words have undergone semantic derogation and/or sexualization?

The Gendered Project is a library of gendered words. I created this so we have data to use in our ongoing dialogue about sexism and how it permeates every facet of our daily lives, all the way down to the words we use.